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Welcome to Zip X Loskop Adventures.

We offer one of the highest Zip-line adventures in South Africa, consisting of 7 lines that total 1377m of pure adrenalin. The tour takes place near Middelburg, Mpumalanga close to Loskop Dam.

Experience the true beauty of the Lanatus and Middelburgensis Cycads which are found only in this area. Some of these trees are estimated to be 850 years old !!! There are 3 Bailout points should the rush get too much !!! We are in close proximity of Gauteng, About 2,5 hours drive to the venue.


Prices for ziplining are R595 per person (1 -2 persons), R495 per person ( 3 – 4 persons in group), R450 per person (5 – 9 persons in group), or R395 per person (10 and more persons in group). We supply 2 trained guides per group for ziplining with all the necessary equipment and instruction, and you zip down 7 separate lines totaling ±1,4 kms. At the bottom end of the zipline you will take a 4×4 trip back to the reception.

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Zip-X - Loskop Adventures

Your safety is our most important aspect of the whole tour.

We have highly trained guides to help you to enjoy your experience and to show you very interesting facts about the adventure.

All prices are quoted for the individual activities. If you plan to do a couple of activities, and also want to camp, or stay at our Chalets, we will structure a special deal to suite your needs. Prices also depends on the amount of people who wants visit

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This adventure line is designed and approved by Tirisano Consulting Engineers.

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