Hels River Hiking Trail.

The hiking trail starts at Zip X reception at an altitude of 1381 agl, Follow down a road for 1 km until you do a sharp descend to the Hels River. Already an abundance of cycads (Encephalartos Lanatus) can be seen. Mountain Ribbok and Klipspringer may also be encountered. You then follow the flow of the river for 5 km where Hels River runs into the Olifants River.

Altitude 1029 meters agl, you have then just descended 352 meters. On a sandy bank you will find a sheltered campsite under dense trees consisting of 2 x dome tents, a canvass canopy, chairs and a table, water bin, kettle and braai rooster. The campsite is situated on the border with Loskop Dam nature Reserve, and there are no fences.

There is a pit toilet available, and the water of the Hels River is During this hike you will have to do a lot of rock-hopping, and hike through rock pools where the sheer cliffs makes it impossible to stay dry. The pools mare shallow, and easy to go through. There is one pool however where you cannot hike through like the others, it is too deep. A 2-man canoe with life jackets can be found at the entrance of the pool, and can be used to transfer all hikers and equipment safely to the other side.

The highly endangered cycad species, Encephalartos Middelburgensis, can be seen, and you may have constant company during this hike from the local baboons and apes. Bush pig, Kudu and various bird species have been encountered, and rock python and green water snakes have also been spotted. Be aware of hippos, crocodiles, rhinos and buffalo at the campsite. Excellent fishing can be done at the Olifants river


If you do the 2 day trip, and plan to stay at our camp at the Olifants River, take sleeping bags, mattresses, eating utensils, and food and drinks. Water from Hels river is drinkable, water from Olifants River is not.

The same route is taken back, and one-way this trail is 5,5 kms. long. It is rated as very difficult. (5/5) A guide is normally provided if available, but the trail can also be done without one if you are experienced enough.

Prices : Hels river route, 2 day, camp at River:
R550.00 pp, guide included.
R400.00 pp, no guide
Hels river 1 day,
R350.00 pp, guide included
R200.00 pp, no guide

Kranskloof Hiking Trail.

The hiking trail starts at Zip X reception at an altitude of 1381 agl, The route follow a trail up the koppie and along the ridge up to the top of the cliffs overlooking the Hels River. A scramble down the cliffs follow, ropes installed where it is necessary. Succulents and aloe species can be seen, along with Cycad Lanatus. The hike then follows the bottom end of the cliffs down into the Hels River. Follow down the river for half a kilometer, and turn right into the kloof section of this trail. Halfway up the kloof an abandoned mine can be seen, and quartz crystals can be picked up for a souvenir. The way up the kloof section is steep and rocky, and you hike in shade most of the time. There is a crystal-clear stream of water that runs most of the year, except in middle of the winter. The water is pure and drinkable,

Mountain Ribbok, Klipspringer, Bushpig and Kudu may be seen, and the call of the fish eagle will be heard. The highest point of this trail is 1418 meters agl, and the lowest is 1142 meters, a 276 meter difference in altitude.

The Kranskloof trail is only 4,6 kms. long, but the terrain is difficult. To make this route more accessible to hikers, it can also be done in 2 sections, the Krans section, and the Kloof section.

Prices Kranskloof 1 day hike:
R350.00 pp, guide included
R200.00 pp, no guide

Hiking - Loskop

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Loskop Adventures - Camping

A small ablution block has recently been built to accommodate hikers that want to stay in the area for more than one day.   You can pitch your tent, or set up your camping trailer, and experience the silence of the open fields, with a nice fire going to cater for the braaivleis later on.

No electricity at these sites. The road to get to this site is tough, only off-road campers and caravans will be able to get there. 

You need to bring everything for camping. Wood to be brought.

Camp at Zip X Prices:

Minimum of 6 persons to book the Helsriver campsite for a weekend.

                R200.00 per tent (2 persons), R75.00 pp. additional.


Chalets sleep 6 – 7 persons. Self – catering, self-service.  R950.00 per night. 2 Chalets available.

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It is essential to make a fixed booking to make sure that we can accommodate you, have sufficient gear and guides available, and to ensure that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable stay.  Bookings to be made directly to me.   We require a 50% deposit to reserve your booking, after receipt of proof of payment your booking and time will be confirmed, and you can look forward to an adventurous day.

See directions attached.  Take into consideration that the last 22 kms. to our reception is travelled on a gravel road, and it takes at least one hour to drive there from Middelburg.

Zip-X - Loskop Adventures

Your safety is our most important aspect of the whole tour.

We have highly trained guides to help you to enjoy your experience and to show you very interesting facts about the adventure.

All prices are quoted for the individual activities. If you plan to do a couple of activities, and also want to camp, or stay at our Chalets, we will structure a special deal to suite your needs. Prices also depends on the amount of people who wants visit

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